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Digital Signage

We are proud to be able to offer you LG, Samsung, Philips, Mirror TV, Ad notam Monitors, as your Digital Signage solution.     

Advertise hotel loyalty programs and your restaurant. Provide up to date event schedules and keep guests informed with any breaking news.

Hospitality digital signage, supplements the guest services you provide and demonstrates your commitment to a more satisfying visitor experience.

  • Welcome conference groups with personalized messages.
  • Generate revenues with advertising.
  • Promote hotel loyalty programs and registration benefits.
  • Deliver important announcements as they happen.
  • Advertise upcoming events and entertainment schedules.
  • Share emergency alerts, news, live weather, traffic, stock and sports information.
  • Supplement educational and training.

We offer a complete solution for the use of Digital Signage: the supply of equipment, design, installation, customization of content, training and maintenance.

Information about this service will be available soon.