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Jukebox by Deezer

JUKEBOX by Deezer is a digital jukebox for tablets offering guests of the bar the opportunity to choose their music and program it into the hotel's music playlist.


• To offer customers the opportunity to customize their F&B experience
• To liven up the bar area with a friendly atmosphere
• To digitalize the bar's range of services
• To generate interaction between customers and staff as part of a new kind of service delivery


• Playlist based on the brand recommendations, and is played continuously in the hotel's public areas
• The Jukebox by Deezer is accessible from a tablet with a touch pad placed on the bar
• The bar's guests choose their track using the touch pad and add it to the hotel playlist
• The selected track is played after the current track, guaranteeing uninterrupted music

From the tablet, guests at the bar have access to the rich music catalogue of Deezer, one of the two leader websites for listening to music on demand. Guests only need to choose the song they like in 3 easy steps and add it to the hotel’s playlist.


In jukebox mode, the tablet is firmly attached to its stand on the bar and is free for anyone to use.

For a more personalized relationship with our guest & to liven up the bar area, the tablet is removed from its stand by a member of staff and can be moved freely to a guests' table.
The staff is really proactive & offers the Jukebox into the order Process at the Bar or even better at the guests’ table to :
- enrich interaction between them and the guests
- improve the waiting time for orders
- dissuade guests from adding multiple tracks
- ensure that the tablet is secure
- explain how the Jukebox works if the guests have any problem
- lengthen the time spent and consequently increase the consumption at the bar