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Fire Safety

The fire protection system works continuously for you 24 hours a day, ensuring the safety of your guests.

Such systems should not only provide fast and guaranteed notification of a fire, prevent it's spread and coordinate the evacuation of guests, but also ensure the maximum level of convenience for managing all fire fighting systems.

We work with reliable and exceptionally competent vendors in the field of fire safety systems for hotels and hotels of various levels and classes.
This allows us to offer a solution in the volume and price range that you need: based on the needs of a small hotel or in accordance with the highest requirements of large hotel chains.

Our vendors include Honeywell, Schrack Seconet, Siemens, Schneider Electric, Rubezh, Bolid and others.

The main functions of fire safety engineering systems in a hotel:

  • Fire alarm. Timely detection of the source of smoke and fire.
  • Fire alert and evacuation management. The “Alarm” signal is transmitted and the guests are quickly evacuated from the room with a smoke center and then from other rooms in order of priority.
  • Firefighting. Elimination of the source of ignition with the help of automatic fire extinguishing systems, sprinkler systems and fire hydrants.
  • Smoke removal and ventilation. Removal of air and combustion products from the hotel and on the escape routes.
  • Management of elevators in case of fire. Algorithm setting for automatic elevator descent and elevator door opening.
  • Management of access control systems.Unlock doors and checkpoints to evacuate guests and staff.
  • Signal transmission to the fire department, control room and personal devices of responsible personnel.

Fire safety systems for hotels

Fire safety at hotel facilities has its own specifics. For example, special requirements are placed on numbers for people with disabilities and people with limited mobility: hotel rooms should be equipped with personnel call buttons, additional manual detectors, and fire warning equipment must meet special technical requirements.

Our expertise and experience in working with hotel chains allow us to take into account the specifics and nuances of ensuring fire safety at a hotel and propose solutions that allow us to avoid mistakes at the design stage and to deliver the object within the required time frame.