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Burglar Alarm

Guest comfort largely depends on the level of security that a hotel can offer.

The visible means of protection that create the image of security include specialized equipment (safes, locks), access control systems and the work of the hotel staff itself. However, the highest level of security is created by those systems that should remain invisible to the guest - alarm systems and video surveillance systems.

The protected area of ​​the hotel includes a large perimeter of the premises: hotel rooms, meeting rooms, conference rooms, corridors, lobbies, technical and storage rooms.

Modern technologies allow you to create an integrated, easily manageable intelligent security system for all these zones and the entire hotel.
  • Perimeter security of premises (magnetic-contact sensors, vibration sensors, glass break sensors).
  • Protection of window openings from penetration (magnetocontact sensors, motion sensors).
  • Protection of the roof of buildings (linear security detectors).
  • Protection of emergency and emergency exits, technical premises, zones of other tenants adjacent to the hotel (magnetic contact sensors).