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   Safety Systems   Closed-circuit Television System. CCTV

Closed-circuit Television System. CCTV

Video surveillance system (COT, Security Television System) is an integral part of the security system at the hotel.

Effectively prevent theft of personal property of guests, ensure the safety of property of the hotel, quickly detect the loss, identify the identity of the thief, prevent fraud by the hotel staff and even track movements across the territory using the face recognition function: all this is possible thanks to COT.

The basis of the concept of any integrated video surveillance system for the hotel business is the deep integration of its constituent products among themselves.

5 components of the video surveillance system in the hotel

  • Professional CCTV System

  • Intelligent Analytical Modules

  • Cloud Surveillance Service

  • IP cameras

  • Network Recorders

All these components can be combined into a single video surveillance system.

Possibilities of security television systems in the hotel:

  • Continuous monitoring and continuous video recording in real time.

  • Video archive recording by motion detector.

  • The integration of the video surveillance system with the OPS and alarm sensors with operational verification is a real or false alarm.

  • Getting all the statistics on the aisles: both hotel guests and hotel staff.

  • Identification of guests and staff.

The main areas of video surveillance in the hotel:

  • Perimeter of the territory

  • Checkpoint, checkpoint, guard post, control room

  • Main and service entrances

  • Corridors with numbers

  • Elevator halls

  • Technical buildings

  • Common areas (restaurants, bars, lobbies, conference rooms)

  • POS-terminals

  • Warehouses, garage storage rooms

  • Parking lots

  • And other rooms on the recommendation of the security service.

With the help of the video surveillance system, the entrances to the hotel and the adjacent territory, public areas, technical and service premises are monitored.

Our experience allows us to offer the best specialized solution for large network of hotel complexes, as well as for small hotels, taking into account all the possible nuances: fr om the specifics of equipping a security post to the requirements for lighting in the area wh ere surveillance cameras are installed.