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   HSIA   HSIA Fusion by Hoist Group

HSIA Fusion by Hoist Group

HSIA Fusion by Hoist Group gives all your Internet users – hotel guests, meeting attendees, visitors and staff – the means to safely connect with all their devices via professionally designed portal pages. They benefit from responsive design and adaptive content technologies, mobile-friendly portals, easy content customization and full service integration.

Our high-end solution architecture is cloud-based for optimal scalability and a consistent delivery of multi-hotel features and operations. Fusion Internet can also manage internet lines for the hotel.

Hoist Group Internet services are delivered through the Fusion Platform, which is the fruit of our 13+ years’ experience in providing HSIA services for leading hotels and hotel chains. Whether you want to offer your guests straightforward Internet access through a standard portal or build a refined user experience to differentiate your brand, we can design the right solution for you.



  • Improved authentication for users via social networks, i.e., browser- and password-free;
  • Highly flexible product and business model configurations;
  • Integrated virtual wireless controller (which generates location-based services and analytics) built into the gateway and/or the cloud;
  • Internet line load-balancing and next-generation firewalling (including Web and Layer 7 filtering) from other devices.


Seamless connectivity across your hotel and brand

We offer you three different service packages to choose from:

  • Fusion Portal offers an entirely customizable portal with hotel information and location-specific services.
  • Fusion Internet Basic comes with authentication and more options such as branding, multiple portal languages, social media sign-in and auto-login features for your guests. Responsive Design technology adapts the user experience to any device.
  • Fusion Internet Advanced gives you everything to differentiate your Internet services including tiered product options, interfaces with your PMS and loyalty programs, device management as well as access to our Fusion Conference Tool and Fusion Dashboard for superior network and usage analytics.

Basic and Advanced Internet meet the same technical standard, in that they accommodate up to 3,000 concurrent devices per gateway. Depending on your concrete objectives, IT policies and current network in place, we can re-use, redesign or optimize your (wired or wireless) existing infrastructure.

If you opt for our advanced package, returning guests can be recognized and offered a one-click-to-connect experience on their personal devices, not only in one specific hotel but also across your entire chain footprint. In addition, you benefit from advanced reporting and conference management tools, as well as PMS interface and related features.