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The new version of the world’s most versatile management platform for controlling Internet access in the hospitality industry.

The New Features at a Glance

User Access Options

  • Manual account creation
  • Access with scratch-cards
  • Self-service accounting
  • Multi-user accounts for meetings
  • On screen credentials, passthrough login or printed vouchers

Interfaces and user experience

  • Multi user control panel with custom permissions
  • New graphic dashboard and custom reports
  • Interfaces for PMSs and external systems
  • Management of multiple devices per user
  • Billing Management
  • API and WebHook

Security and Control

  • Anti abuse features
  • Law compliant logging
  • Bandwidth management
  • Per user bandwidth allocation features


  • Data collection and exporting for marketing campaigns
  • Credit card sales management
  • Multiple Social Network login options
  • Custom data request forms
  • Fully customizable and mobile ready guest portal
  • Advanced modular widgets
  • «Presence-based» featuresand marketing automation