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iQ cast by Quadriga

iQ cast. What is it?

Standalone streaming driven by Google Chromecast used with a smartphone, tablet or laptop. With iQ cast guests can stream their choice of entertainment from their phone and tablet to the in-room TV. iQ cast works with 100’s of guest devices, gives app free access and prioritises data security and privacy.



It's the future of in-room entertainment, now!

Guests are taking their entertainment with then wherever they go! The need to wait for a specific show at a specific time, or to pay for media content that could only be watched on one screen at that moment, was replaced by the convenience of on demand on my device, on my time.

Hotels have the biggest, best screen in the room, but your guest is willing to watch his or her content on a tablet because it’s more convenient. 

Now is the time to adapt your services to reflect the guest habit.

iQ cast от Quadriga

Guest Benefits

  • Easy to use
  • Use their own personal entertainment accounts
  • Stream from thousands of apps and subscription accounts
  • Compatible with multiple guest devices
  • Maximum guest privacy built in

Hotel Benefits

  • A low cost, less overhead solution
  • Guest choice of content and entertainment
  • Integrates with current TV and network
  • Protect your investment with optional security case & cable
  • Increased guest satisfaction score and loyalty


Requires Guest to register mobile device via website and Access Code generated by iQ cast server.

Sample screen for wallpaper display on TV experience


In-room Promotional Materials

There are multiple marketing options associated with how you would like to promote this service directly linked to the guest journey:

  • Through tablets on reception
  • Marketing via key card or room key sleeves
  • In-room tent cards
  • Information included in the guest services manual
  • Promotion through internet landing page
  • Via the in-room entertainment system


Security Case

Security casing for the Chromecast device

  • Supports Chromecast with a spacer (included)
  • Supports Chromecast Ultra
  • Optional Security Cable
  • Industrial heat activated tape for securing the casing to the TV

iQ cast от Quadriga

iQ cast Portal Server

Manages iQ cast across the property.

  • Dashboard and detailed views of performance
    • Chromecast status
    • Chromecast usage
    • Application usage
    • Wi-Fi strength
  • Setup and Maintenance of System
    • Access code policy
    • Wallpaper settings (if applicable)
    • Account management
    • Device configuration
    • API keys for third party integration
  • Complete database of system including transactional data
  • Reporting engine optimized for large dataset (365 days) reporting

iQ cast от Quadriga