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Manet is a solution consisting of a personalized smartphone (for the guest) and a web panel (for the hotel). The smartphone allows to make unlimited national and international phone calls, stay connected to the web without limits, and, most importantly, reserve all the hotel inner services, plus tourist guides, food&drinks, events and museums tickets, travel tips.


For the hotel, Manet is a web dashboard through which effectively promote ancillary services, commercial partners, collect detailed statistics, send personalized geolocated push notifications, and above all, reach the guests inside and outside the hotel.


Manet revolutionizes the travel experience, as proven by the feedback left on all the important online portals, and represents the new way to increase the revenues from up-selling and cross-selling (before and after the guests’ stay), promote partners and foster business opportunities, and eventually strengthen the web reputation.

Manet helps the hotel to stay connected with its guests, and the guests with the world.