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Project design

PWV offers a wide variety of services to assist our clients in the planning of their in-room and on-property systems. These include a full review of requirements, proposing system options that meet and surpass your project goals, and fully assisting your architects and designers with device compatibility and design optimization.
We are rigid supporters of the collaborative process. We encourage you to contact us early in the design phase to optimize our experience and knowledge, combining established best practices with cutting edge innovation. Ensuring that your guests are contented with their stay and your hotel is rewarded with their satisfaction.  We strive to make your hotel a welcoming and lucrative experience for all, ensuring that you maximize your market and reap the rewards!


For commercial offer please contact our specialists.

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Modern automation system solves a number of important tasks to ensure the work of engineering and related systems of the hotel|;
Audiovisual design from music to conference equipment
Design, integration and maintenance of television systems for hotels
Professional design, implementation and maintenance of telecommunications solutions|;
Booking, registration, accommodation of guests, the organization of work of the personnel, the provided services, their payment and the guest's extract - all of it demands data transmission through a LAN|;