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Background music systems

The perception of sounds is the fifth part of human feelings. Sound forms are invisible and first of all - they have no significant idea and meaning. In practice, it has long been known that musical and sound design is on a par with smells, interior design and lighting - all that determines our impression of a new place.

Modern marketers and designers are well aware how much music and sound effects affect a person: in shaping sensations, it changes his mood, predetermines behavior and adjusts to the interaction you need. Thus, the practical application of musical design is born, which complements and to the necessary extent transforms the existing space, revealing the aesthetic content and enhancing it's functional purpose.

Our company has a full range of competencies for implementing background music sounding projects, selects content filling with an assistance of leading music consultants in the industry and also provides after-sales services and develops methodologies for upgrading existing complexes.

In order to provide a new object with high-quality background sounding tools, the project team needs to make a comprehensive assessment of spaces, decide on the number of broadcasting zones, content distribution, evaluate the acoustic characteristics of the premises being voiced, and finally form a preliminary coverage and control model. Having passed this stage, we provide our vision of the concept of background sound to assess the control network and the customer’s project team. It includes all the necessary documentation that allows you to review and agree on a future solution before the process of deep development of the technical part of the project.

Highlighting the main aspects of project work, we focus on the following:

  • high-quality sound in all necessary rooms and public areas.

Along with the design of a room and the quality of service, the musical accompaniment of a particular space creates the right mood for a hotel guest. In this regard, it's very important to install loudspeakers capable of operating the required frequency range with specific quality characteristics. Of great importance is also the uniform distribution of sound throughout the area of ​​the room, without negative components. Acoustic calculation for the equipped premises allows to determine the equipment configuration, specify its location and the required characteristics.

  • centralized switching system and control of sound amplification system.

During the operation of the sound system, there are various conditions and requirements for functionality. Centralized control system and distribution of signals provides the opportunity to fully use the potential of the complex, depending on the needs of staff and customers of a hotel. In addition to the general centralization of the signal part, in predetermined places local control devices are provided to control a sound, it's distribution and content. It is also worth mentioning the requirements for security, as a result, we limit the possibility of unauthorized access to controls.

  • integration with voice alarm system.

In case of a contingency situation, an object sound reinforcement system should transmit important warnings to hotel workers and the fire safety system. For this, the obligatory conditions are the presence in each designed system of integration possibilities for the subsequent implementation of the interface.

  • upgrade and scalability.

Over time, each project may need to expand and upgrade. In this case, a customer may be faced with the fact that it is necessary to replace any of the equipment. The possibility of this situation arising is taken into account at the design stage, as a result of which, solutions being developed allow for free scaling and modernization without replacing existing equipment.

After carrying out all the approvals and definitions, our project team forms a working draft, producing the necessary documentation, linking the agreed solution with the architectural features and existing third-party engineering systems. In order to reduce our own costs in the process of production of works and the costs of the customer on the project interface, already at the stage of development of the RD, we try to take into account aspects and details of the process of future implementation of the complex. Thus, a set is born, which, in addition to the equipment layout, switching, specifications, calculations and other, has all the necessary documentation for comfortable installation and commissioning, as well as all the necessary tasks and instructions for third-party organizations to prepare the object to implement.