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Digital Signage

Digital Signage is the presentation of multimedia information on various means of display located in the public areas of your hotel. Digital signage has long been an integral part of most modern hotels and, depending on an application, a purpose of this system can be divided into three main components:

1. Navigation.

In any hotel you can find information signs indicating the right direction and distributing the flow of guests. The appropriate use of multimedia signage allows you to optimize the process of navigation and, at lower cost, to make changes to it. To a greater extent, this concerns navigation in public areas and places of simultaneous concentration of a large number of people.

2. Informational.

Depending on the functional purpose of the public space, there is a need to broadcast relevant information on multimedia panels. An example would be a conference area, in the main part of which, or directly in front of the entrance to the premises, information on events held, composition of participants, any additional information is shown. It allows a guest or conference participant to find an event and information of interest without any inconvenience.

3. Sales support.

Like any commercial site, a hotel is looking for ways to comfortably promote it's services. The answer may be customer-oriented, stylized content displayed depending on the offer in the right place of a hotel, at the right time. For example, an advertisement for the service of your SPA center may be displayed on panels along the route of your customers after dinner in a restaurant, and the morning offer may be the promotion of transport services or your fitness center.

The modern market of digital signage systems is very developed, has a wide range of solutions and a wide choice of equipment. Defining the range of project objectives we see the following key aspects:

  • optimal choice of display locations

Considering the architectural features of an object, and at best, with a support of hotel’s operating team, we determine the direction of flow of people, their places of accumulation, the need to provide a specific content. It is also important to calculate the intelligibility and understanding of the susceptibility of a content in each particular installation location of a display. The combination of conditions and consideration of all these factors makes it possible to form the necessary map of the location of the displays depending on their purpose and, having avoided excesses, to achieve the goals set.

  • content production and configuration according to hotel standards

Each hotel brand, from small to large, has it's own requirements for content filling and system configuration, which in the final case may also affect the composition of an equipment. Competent interaction and knowledge of hotel standards of industry leaders allows us to predetermine and solve tasks. In turn, the accumulated experience of working with partners and suppliers allows each time to bring the implementation to new levels.

  • the convenience of use

The system should be able to manage ordinary hotel staff. We offer centralized management solutions with a simple and intuitive interface. If necessary, we are ready to train employees in the process of putting the system into operation.

  • execution

Digital Signage display tools are at the forefront of your business, i.e. have direct interaction with your client. Forming the solution, we take into account the location, installation conditions, technical and aesthetic characteristics of the proposed equipment.

Having defined the tasks and coordinated the concept with the customer, our project team produces the necessary composition of working documentation, linking the agreed solution with the architectural features and existing third-party engineering systems. In order to reduce our own costs in the process of production of works and the costs of the customer on the project interface, already at the stage of development of the RD, we try to take into account aspects and details of a process of future implementation of complex. Thus, a set is born, which, in addition to the equipment layout, switching, specifications, calculations and other has all the necessary documentation for comfortable installation and commissioning, as well as all the necessary tasks and instructions for third-party organizations to prepare the object to implement.

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