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   Television Engineering   Digital Video Broadcasting

Digital Video Broadcasting

Any hotel object initially implies in it's arsenal of services - the provision of television broadcasting. 

The design process begins with an understanding of how to receive and transmit television signals. Currently, hotels use coaxial analog, digital, IPTV solutions. The choice can be made based on the result of a comprehensive assessment of the customer’s design requirements, hotel network, and the capabilities of television operators.

Technologies in solutions on IP networks allow, in addition to high-quality images, to have additional advantages in signal transport, fault tolerance, and a service of such networks; have a large capacity platform for building interactive services and also have great potential for modernization. In turn, coaxial digital networks, not yielding IP in image quality, have a lower complex solution cost for capital implementation. Modern head stations and hotel television receivers allow you to freely form and combine data transmission media. Thus, a designer has an opportunity to combine the advantages, giving rise to the optimal engineering solution.

One of the main project tasks is to select a channel plan that will be broadcast in a hotel. When forming it we take into account the requirements of the customer, a hotel network, the possibility of receiving in the required geographical position, the possibility of reservation, future operating expenses for operators and rightholders of television content. Based on these criteria, engineers make a thorough analysis of available resources and develop the necessary balanced hardware solution of the head station.

The wide choice of equipment, high competence in the design, implementation and subsequent service of television systems, allow our engineers at the design stage to create a capacious hardware base, take into account a large amount of aspects of the future implementation, knowingly eliminate potential risks and thus form a deliberately reliable, optimal in operation and maintenance-friendly design solution.