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Air Conditioning

The air conditioning system in the hotel is designed to maintain a constant temperature in the premises throughout the year.

In hotel complexes year-round air conditioning is used, while maintaining the temperature in the number of rooms, takes about 30% of the system's resources.

This allows to save resources by adjusting the algorithms of air conditioning systems in those areas of a hotel that are not used around the clock (on / off). Apply flexible settings in the air conditioning system of individual zones in a hotel allow automation systems.

Automation of air conditioning systems

If a hotel heating system and air conditioning system are independent systems, with improper automation between them there is a conflict. Sometimes there is a situation where both systems operate simultaneously, which leads to a significant loss of electricity.

A sophisticated automation system allows to adjust the level of cold generation during the day, to control the shutdown and activation of air conditioning and heating systems.

Many hotel operators require access to flexible adjustment of an operating time of the systems in separate rooms with the ability to turn off equipment in areas where air conditioning is not required 24 hours a day.

Automation of air conditioning systems allows to properly configure the equipment in each room, to achieve significant savings of resources and monitor indicators, such as:

  • Water flow

  • Pump consumption

  • Street temperature level

  • Indoor temperature level

  • Humidity level

  • Rotation of working and reserve installations for the same development of systems and extension of their service life and etc.