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   Building management systems

Building management systems

Automated control and dispatching system (ASUD or BMS) is designed for energy efficient building management. This is achieved by the logical division of the system into separate engineering control units. Each unit can operate autonomously, which increases the reliability and stability of the entire system.

Functions of an automated building management system:

  • Monitoring the operating parameters of all engineering systems of the object;
  • Automated management of engineering systems of the building in normal and emergency modes;
  • Optimization and energy efficiency of the equipment.

Structure of the BMS / ASUD system:

  • Central Dispatch Console (CDP) is a personal computer-based control station with specialized software. The CPD should provide a convenient and visual way to monitor and control all engineering systems, as well as event logging;
  • Peripherals - sensors, flow meters and other devices designed to read the operating parameters of engineering systems that are compatible with the automation and dispatch controllers;
  • Control panels engineering systems;
  • Dispatch shields;
  • Cable data transmission network is a cable system for combining all components of an automation and dispatching system into a single information system.

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