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Drying System

Indoor pool air drainage systems

The standard of depth and length of the pool in a hotel complex is determined by an operator. The most commonly used standard length for a hotel complex level of 5 stars - 25 meters.

This is a huge amount of water that constantly heats up and evaporates, settling on walls and structures.

Let us give an example: an average of 1.3-1.4 tons of water evaporates from the surface of a 50-meter pool with 8 lanes every hour. In the absence of dehumidification systems in a hotel or the replacement of dehumidification systems with ventilation systems, this leads to the destruction of structures down to the through holes.

As a rule, dehumidifiers carry two functions:

  • Removing moisture from the room;

  • Heated supply air due to the latent heat of water vaporization.

We offer you our expertise and are ready to become a technical consultant in the design and installation of dehumidification systems in your hotel.