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Ventilation System

The ventilation system in a hotel provides the supply of sanitary norms of air to the room or, in other words, the supply of fresh air, which is required for normal living, comfortable sleep of guests and efficient work of a hotel staff.

Functions of the ventilation system in the hotel:

  • Air purification with special filters

  • Air heating (heat recovery)

  • Air cooling in summer

Separately, it should be noted especially important in the specifics of the work of hotels function:

  • Sound attenuation

Properly designed ventilation is not only air supply but also noise calculations in public and sleeping areas. For rooms where guests sleep, a comfortable indicator of the noise level is about 25 - 30 dB. If the values ​​are higher this directly affects the comfort of a guest and, as a result, not only the image of the hotel but also it’s potential profit.

Ventilation systems are also directly connected to security systems. For example, in almost all large hotels between a corridor and rooms you can find installed in a system valves that cut off the smoke. This is required in case of fire, so smoke doesn’t penetrate into a room. If a hotel complies with a fire prevention requirements, it’s allows guests to stay safely in the room up to 60 minutes before arrival of an assistance.

Automation of ventilation systems

The ventilation system is quite energy intensive and consumes approximately 2 times more energy than the heating system. Hotels have the most airy rooms: swimming pools, sports halls, hot shops and restaurants. Some of these premises don’t work around the clock or all-the-year-round and most hotels are interested in the ability to control the on / off ventilation in these rooms and, thus, significantly save resources.

This opportunity provides automation of ventilation systems.

Depending on technological requirements and tasks, automation of ventilation systems allows:

Track energy consumption in terms of space, an arbitrary period in a year or time of day.

  • Provide automatic on and off of the ventilation system

  • Customize flexible operation algorithms

  • Track equipment status until filter replacement reminders and etc.