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Water Supply

The hotel water supply system is one of the most intensively operated systems. In addition to the high requirements for water quality, the characteristics of the generated noise and other specific features of hotel complexes, the high risk of accidents is also taken into account when designing water supply systems.

Hotel water system

  • Cold water supply, cold water

  • Hot water supply, DHW

  • Swimming pool water treatment systems

  • Fire Water Systems

  • Installation of pumping stations, pressure boosting systems, sensors, etc.

  • Connecting plumbing and home appliances

  • Monitoring the status of sensors, pumps, etc.

  • Setup of emergency systems and etc.

Automate water consumption

Most of the modern hotel complexes are equipped with automation systems to control:

  • Pre-treatment of water (automatic heating of water to the required temperature, adding impurities, etc.).

  • Automatic power on.

  • Automatic shut off the water supply.

Automation systems provide savings of up to 70% of water, reduce water overuse due to the human factor and reduce the likelihood of emergency situations.

We offer you our expertise in the design of water supply and sewerage systems in the specifics of the hotel business.