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Samsung LYNK SINC is an embedded, IP-based content management solution that is designed for 4- to 5-star premium hotels that use IP network infrastructure to deliver in-room content. With LYNK SINC, property managers can create a highly customizable content management interface where guests can find useful information about the local area, a menu of guest services and an extensive suite of entertainment offerings. Its intuitive user interface and broad compatibility with popular websites and guest’s personal mobile devices make LYNK SINC a powerful tool for ensuring guests enjoy a premium hotel experience.

This fully flexible content management system also comes with a range of important functions designed to maximize hotel efficiency and enhance the guest experience:

Reduced Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
LYNK SINC eliminates the need for a separate set-top box, which simplifies system installation, reduces energy consumption, streamlines hotel workflow and minimizes external labor and maintenance.

Enhanced Guest Convenience
LYNK SINC turns the in-room entertainment center into an information hub capable of displaying hotel amenities, tourist information, room service menus and popular social media web content.

Efficient Management Capabilities
Hotel staff can manage guest room TVs remotely, providing age-appropriate channel listings and messaging content to different categories of guests with no additional time or effort. Additionally, hotel staff can confirm check-in/check-out status and control TV operation over the IP network.

Easily Customized User Interface (UI)
LYNK SINC’s customizable UI makes it easy for property managers to design a content display screen that delivers up-to-date information in a visually appealing way.


Samsung’s LYNK SINC enables in-room TVs to communicate with the hotel’s property management system (PMS), allowing guests to access information and services from the comfort of their hotel rooms.



With a rich suite of content management functions, LYNK SINC caters to a hotels need for streamlined, efficient and flexible display solutions that are easy to control and intuitive to use..

Customizable user interface (UI)
LYNK SINC offers the benefit of a highly customizable UI. This interface features a grid template that can be populated with content that hotels would like to offer their guests. Hotel managers can customize the Hotel Smart TV Widgets installed on room displays with a full range of media including image, audio and video files. LYNK SINC 3.0 includes four different UI templates, enabling property managers to choose the one most suited to their needs.


Group content management
LYNK SINC enables system operators to create and manage content groups, such as ‘convention attendees’ or ’families.’ With these settings in place, a block of rooms used for a convention can be set to receive pop-up messages or child-friendly channel listings can be preloaded on rooms occupied by families.


TV managemen
LYNK SINC offers hotel managers a wide range of TV management capabilities that save time and labor expense by eliminating the need to visit each room, every time a change is required.

PMS and IP network integration
SINC S/W can communicate with the hotel property management system (PMS) to create additional services that are synced with hotels internal computer system, enabling a range of enhanced services: from displaying a personalized welcome message for each guest to enabling express check-out through the in-room display.

Smart Hub application connectivity
LYNK SINC is compatible with Samsung Smart Hub, a fully interactive solution that serves as a gateway to a variety of web-based applications. Smart Hub enables hotel guests to access social networking services (SNS), web applications and content through an IP network. Hotel managers can create and upload specific applications, such as Twitter®, Facebook® or YouTube® to provide superior, customized information services.