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   TV & Mobile Platforms

TV & Mobile Platforms

Your hotel and guests will reap the rewards of installing the latest Interactive TV system and in-room entertainment, video-on demand, room service, shopping, internet surfing and integration to PMS. A huge benefit to your hotel, guest engagement and satisfaction, is the ability to access all interactive hotel services through their in-room Smart Hotel TVs. Completely enhancing the experience of staying in your hotel.

It is proven that a superior choice in entertainment, reinforces customer gratification, adds value to their stay and in turn drives repeat visits. PWV can help create an exciting environment and lively atmosphere for your guests, with a wide range of quality TV & Mobile platforms to suit every setting.  We can transform hospitality HD TV sets into the perfect marketing and guest service platform, revolutionizing your guests stay in to a more memorable and exciting experience.

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An interactive television system that allows you to demonstrate hotel services on the screen of hotel TV
Bring your TVs alive for guest entertainment beyond your own offerings
LG Pro: Centric Interactive Hotel TV System
Your 5* technology partner!
In-House Sales & Entertainment Platform