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Fusion TV by Hoist Group

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Most living rooms are now convergent multi-media entertainment spaces; the home TV solution normally comes with an interactive programme guide, options to mirror content from the mobile devices onto the TV screen, and many more features that personalize the viewing experience.

Fusion TV allows hoteliers to offer that experience by connecting their guest room TV sets to their IP network – without any extra cabling. This way, guests can simply live their mood: lean back or engage, just like home.


  • Far less cost intensive than a traditional IPTV solution
  • Flexible solution design makes best use of the hotel’s existing network infrastructure
  • Straightforward deployment with our Portal and Basic options
  • Seamless integration of wireless screen sharing technologies
  • Centralized CMS for a personalized guest experience with relevant local information and targeted brand loyalty benefits
  • Two-way interactivity for capture of usage statistics and solution monitoring

Best value for your money

In view of the increasing guest demand for Wireless connectivity, we believe that an optimal IPTV offering can be derived from the hotel’s existing technology assets: first, the Coax network in its native (unchanged) format and the existing TV head-end; and second, a modern, scalable Wi-Fi network. Add to this the interactive features delivered by the Fusion Platform, and you have a next-generation TV solution that meets all contemporary guest demand.

Technology for your brand

Enter the world of Fusion TV with our Portal option, which offers fundamental information and entertainment capabilities at an attractive price point. Our Basic option adds a range of valuable guest and hotelier services including Wireless Share capabilities for your guests to enjoy their own content and subscriptions. Our Advanced option further enriches the guest entertainment experience with a host of advanced functionalities by interfacing Fusion TV with your Property Management System (PMS).


Fusion TV is ideal for all hoteliers that want to leverage their investment in robust Internet services also for their TV services. We have certified a range of current hospitality TV sets from Philips, LG and Samsung for our solution. These can connect directly to the network, thereby saving you the investment and maintenance cost associated with a set-top-box (STB). Thanks to the two-way interactivity of our solution, we can deliver detailed statistics for you to always stay informed about the usage of your TV guest services. Moreover, we can pro-actively support your solution for smooth operations and a reliable service delivery. Please see our Managed Services for Fusion TV for details.