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Hibox Systems is a global provider of advanced interactive information and entertainment solutions for consumers and commercial applications. The Hibox middleware platform has been successfully deployed for IPTV and OTT use by hotels, ISP's and broadband providers, along with healthcare facilities, ships and offshore oil platforms. Hibox is headquartered in Finland with a sales office in Vienna, Austria. Since December 2007, the company has been part of Anvia Group, a growing ICT-group with 720 employees and a turnover of 106 MM € in 2014.  

Traditional Hotel TV providers have ruled the market for a long time with solutions that have been sold with minimal customization possibilities, extensive installation work and customers being tied to long-term contracts. This has evidently been a profitable and scalable business concept – but failed to meet the hotel owners’ needs. Hibox philosophy is to rethink everything about hotel TV: Online hosting instead of local server installations, subscription-based services, Bring-Your-Own-Content and web-based mobile apps. Every hotel customer is unique. 

Hibox features:

  • Online Hosting. Online hosting instead of local server installments.
  • Web-Based Mobile Apps. Mobile applications for guests and staff.
  • Bring your own content instead of heavy local Video-On-Demand.
  • Monthly-based subscriptions instead of 5-year contracts.


Hotel TV
Hotel TV system for hotels, hospitals, cruise ships that want to create a true digital guest experience.  

Mobile app that gives guests access to information and entertainment anywhere in the building.
Mobile task management application for cleaning and maintenance purposes.
Hibox Evacuator increases the sense of safety and well-being of hotel guests in emergency situations.

Web-based tool for administering the whole Smartroom product-family.



Offer digital TV channels, movies-ondemand, digital radio and more. Guests can even stream content from their own devices to the TV. 

Inform your guests about everything they need to know. Improve your operations by gathering valuable feedback from your guests. 

Use the TV system to promote internal offerings such as spa, gym, room service etc. You can also display advertisements from cafés, restaurants and activities nearby.

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