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LG Pro:Centric

LG Pro: Centric Interactive Hotel TV System

Improve the Profitability of Your Hotel

The powerful software complex product contains the intuitively convenient interface and will essentially expand the list and quality of services of your establishment and will become the convenient assistant in development of your business. The product is a basic component of the entire professional line of hotel TVs LG Electronics and does not require switching with external set-top boxes. Using the modern achievements of the telecommunications space, the solution provides rapid integration into the structures of various types of distribution networks and significantly reduces the operating costs of the owner.

More Functionality 

The presence of a large list of functionalities makes the system convenient for daily use with the ability to quickly edit content. It offers a large number of basic application services that can quickly adapt to customer requirements: Weather, Terrain Map, Ad units, Personal Messages, Radio, Account Check, TV Guide, Voice Prompts, Voice Recognition, Flight Schedule, Virtual Guide and many, many other useful features that will be relevant in a hotel establishment. And using special functions such as "1-click service" you can create your own unique functions that can become a source of additional profit for the owner of a hotel establishment. The system supports a list of Internet services: Netflix, YouTube and many other popular applications.

Optimization of Production Processes

The solution is an indispensable assistant staff. Now there is a list of useful features, such as remotely limiting the volume of an individual TV device, editing the list of TV channels, blocking access to individual TV ports and many other useful functions.

Reduced Operating Costs

Now the hotel broadcasting system is not only an item of additional expenses, but also a source of additional income. You can promptly inform guests about the services of your hotel, place advertising messages from other companies, inform about the establishments that are located in the hotel, such as a restaurant, a gym, SPА and others. And the absence of monthly licensing costs for the operation of the Pro:Centric software solution provides an additional opportunity to quickly grow your business.

Interaction with the hotel's PMS system

The ability to coordinate work with the hotel's local PMS system makes it possible to create personal functions, such as: sending personal messages, checking the account and others.

Create Your Own Content

Depending on the capabilities of powerful software, the system can create and edit individual sections containing up to 40 separate information pages (15 pages per section). A separate section has been specially developed that can manage and edit the list of TV channels broadcast by the system. Additionally, the hotel system can create and broadcast up to 20 TV channels of its own content.

Remote Control

The ability to remotely monitor performs a number of convenient functions that can be performed centrally without significant time spent by service personnel, such as: checking the status of the device, software updates, blocking TV settings and others.