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Nevaya TV

Nevaya delivers cloud-based interactive TV and WiFi to enhance these key services for both hoteliers and guests. Operating since 2002, this British enterprise currently services more than 20000 rooms across the globe for iconic businesses that include Soho House, Marriott Autograph Collection and Morgans Hotel Group.

Nevaya TV offers bespoke and intuitive design that is flexible and adaptable to the needs of any establishment in the hospitality industry. Cloud-based technology means the service is available to any country, offering affordable, quick and non-disruptive installation; this feature also supports hoteliers through increased service reliability and lower maintenance costs.

Nevaya provides premium-content for guests to enjoy on-demand, while specialising in screen-mirroring of personal devices for a true "at-home" experience. There is no risk or hidden fees to the hotelier, as all content is paid for by the guest, and the feature to upload communications to targeted clients with ease offers significant opportunities to improve RevPAR.

Nevaya - your 5* technology partner!

NEVAYA TV - Technology for hospitality

Hotel guests are becoming increasingly tech-savvy, carrying more personal screen devices than ever before. According to recent research, the impact is causing some significant changes for hoteliers, adapting strategies to keep up with the increasing "tech-on-tap" demands of their guests, enhancing the In-Room Entertainment (IRE) experience is becoming a higher priority than ever before.

Nevaya TV helps hoteliers to offer the comfort of a "from home" experience for your guests, through features such as screen-mirroring, and personal messaging. Furthermore, Nevaya also provide further luxuries such as premium content for guests prior to home-release, without any unnecessary cost to the hotel.

So how is this trend affecting the way people engage with their in-room entertainment?

Benefits for your business

Why choose the best TV solution for hospitality on the market:

  • Affordable. Nevaya TV's innovative features and cloud-based technology make it an extremely affordable, highly-competitive, premium product in the hotel software market. The intuitive design enhances the experience for you and your guests, with numerous benefits against our competitors. 
  • Adaptable. Nevaya TV is adaptable to the unique requirements of your business, with a selection of clearly defined package options available to best suit your needs. 
  • Increase RevPAR Create new opportunities to increase your RevPAR, communicating in-house promotions direct to your target audience. 
  • No-hassle Nevaya TV's cloud-based technology means it is fast and easy to deploy. Installation is simple and takes only 3 minutes per room. Nevaya TV's cloud-based technology does not require costly hardware and therefore minimises maintenance issues and cost. 
  • Multi-tenanted control Versatile functionality allows Nevaya TV to be applied in various locations with ease. The unique portal access, allows the screen-display to be controlled either locally or as a central control for multiple venues. 
  • Simple process Nevaya TV's dedicated portal makes it simple to login and manage your displays with ease while our support team are also available to directly assist with any further information. Health diagnostics. 
  • New revenue opportunities Generate revenue from third party advertising. 
  • Enhanced guest experience Premium content and intuitive screen-mirroring technology allows guests to enjoy their in-room entertainment exactly as they choose.

Beautifully bespoke for your brand

Navaya TV's interface is versatile and can be adapted to work synonymously with your branding, showcasing your imagery, logos and brand identity in a professional presentation package.

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