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Imagine a TV system that's easier to install, easier for hotel guests to use and easier to feed with images and video clips by hotel staff. Imagine a TV broadcast system that means the hotel is always ONAIR. Imagine an highly cost-effective TV system where the technology is ON the AIR. Imagine a TV system that works with ANY consumer-level TV and without cables.


PowerTV ONAIR is a revolutionary system that welcomes guests by stimulating the senses and enhancing the potential and image of your hotel. It’s not just an in-room TV, it’s an original set of multi-platform tools with live content that will change your way of being hospitable, of offering services and entertainment, and of communicating and maximizing earnings. Take it from us: it would be impossible to describe it as only interactive TV. PowerTV ONAIR runs on TV, iPad and iPhone.

PowerTV ONAIR works with any consumers TV. PowerTV ONAIR doesn’t require an open architecture TV set and gets rid of the complexities, aggravations of product lines diverted from the consumer main stream. A TV system simply requires an HDMI cable connection and works with a unique remote control even with cheaper TV sets.

VDA PowerTV OnAir 1


Be welcoming

Offer a wealth of content live. PowerTV ONAIR has the amazing ability to keep your guests constantly up-to-date. Gossip spreading may be its only weakness – we can’t deny it. A minute won’t pass without them being able to find out just about everything. What’s cooking in your restaurant. What’s on at the city-centre theaters the exclusive spa offer available this morning only or the exclusive Lady Gaga concert on tonight only. Every day a vast range of content is selected by our staff or written by you, live and direct onto TV, iPad and iPhone.

VDA PowerTV OnAir 2

Be unlimited

Offer entertainment that goes beyond every expectation. With PowerTV ONAIR guests enjoy themselves more than they could possibly imagine. The technology does not limit the imagination, on the contrary, it enhances it. Hundreds of television programs in digital quality from all over the world, thousands of songs and radio stations, unlimited Internet access, blogs, e-mail and, last but not least, the best web clips selected by our editorial staff. Now, isn’t that enough to make anyone happy.

VDA PowerTV OnAir 3

Be smart. Sell services

Look around, you won’t find anything smarter than a TV, a tablet or a smart phone to present and sell your services. A hungry guest Send the menu directly to their iPad. Ordering is not only easy, but fun, and marketing studies show that it works better. So, be smart. Sell your services.

VDA PowerTV OnAir 4

Be talkative

Communicate without limits. Look for it everywhere, you won’t find a more convincing, powerful and versatile communication tool than PowerTV ONAIR. Powerful, because it helps you reach every room, powerfully, yet discreetly. Versatile, because it updates content whenever you want, at no cost and within no waiting. Convincing, because it enhances your message. So, be talkative. Communicate without limits.

VDA PowerTV OnAir 5

Be original

Make your own TV. Try it, you’ll feel satisfied like never before. Three steps are enough. ONE: Choose the content you want to offer your guests from the PowerTV ONAIR Application Store. From music to weather, from news to events – there’s a wealth of opportunity. TWO: Customize the interface with a topic of your choice. Colours, shapes, images – a world of choice is available. THREE: Find a TV in your hotel and admire the results. We’re betting you will be very enthusiastic.

VDA PowerTV OnAir 6

Hospitality: before, during and after

By now it’s crystal clear. PowerTV ONAIR is the multi-platform reception system that helps you to manage relations with guests before, during and after their stay at your hotel. Each of these moments is an extraordinary opportunity to promote, inform, care and grow loyalty. PowerTV ONAIR is the only integrated system available today that can guarantee best results in terms of quality, supply and profit return. All at a minimal cost.

VDA PowerTV OnAir 7

Simply be

PowerTV ONAIR not only helps you express your style and make it valuable, it earns revenue too and it pays for itself. It does so in two distinct ways. Firstly, it allows you to communicate your services and offers to guests through dedicated interactive pages or television messages. Secondly, it sells services, gadgets and bookings directly from a TV, PC, iPhone or iPad. Just think, with only a couple of extra orders through room service a month via PowerTV ONAIR the entire system pays for itself. The rest is profit.

VDA PowerTV OnAir 8


PowerTV ONAIR is a TV system made ONLY by the In Room Box and a design Remote Control. Servers are on the Cloud and Installation can be managed by the Hotel Staff without any training. The only condition being IP network cabled or wireless into each room.

VDA PowerTV OnAir 9


Imagine a remote control that controls the PowerTV ONAIR box with a RF4CE technology that allows the In-Room Box to be hidden behind the TV set without the need for unreliable infrared eyes. A remote control can directly control a consumer TV set via the traditional infrared programmable codes.

VDA PowerTV OnAir 10



Imagine a TV system based on IP technology that can also work without the need for a CAT5 cable to the TV set and that uses Wi-Fi embedded technology to connect to the cloud-based servers.

VDA PowerTV OnAir 11


Imagine a TV system that can run on the TV set as well as on a guests iPad or iPhone via a harmonized user interface. PowerTV ONAIR is a TV system that guests can start using even before their arrival at the hotel and after their departure.

VDA PowerTV OnAir 12


Imagine a TV system with functionalities that can be upgraded and enriched anytime, in total freedom, by the hotel through the PowerTV Application Store. Imagine being able to install new Apps on each single in-room TV without any external technical intervention. Imagine being able to try for a free-of-charge trial period any additional App and confirm its purchase or rental at a later stage.

VDA PowerTV OnAir 13



Imagine a TV system that can be fed with new content images, video clips, text directly by hotel staff via a web-based portal. Imagine accessing real-time system usage statistics via the PowerTV Analytics tool.

VDA PowerTV OnAir 14


Imagine the TV Box serving as an in-room personal hot-spot capable of offering a greater variety of connectivity packages for the guest's laptop, mobile devices and, of course, the TV itself.

VDA PowerTV OnAir 15


Imagine being able to stream music and videos from the guests iPhone or iPad directly on to the TV set, without wired connections and expensive connectivity panels.

VDA PowerTV OnAir 16



Imagine a TV box that can centralize and put online the control of in-room temperature and lighting, communicating seamlessly and wirelessly with plu g& play certified ZWAVE products. Imagine a TV box that makes the hotel greener and safer.

VDA PowerTV OnAir 17


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