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   TV & Mobile Platforms   Vestel IP HOTELTV


Perfect your hospitality Services: Vestel Interactive IP HotelTV will help to strengthen and enhance your hospitality business. Vestel Interactive IP HotelTV creates the environment that satisfies every hoteliers wishes. Vestel software integrates into the hotel’s IP network, giving full control on TVs and convenient services.

Vestel Smart Solutions focus on three core areas essential to the hospitality industry; entertainment, convenience, and efficiency. According to these ideas, Vestel developed and evolved a number of unique features that are built into the Interactive IP HotelTV. These features are designed to boost operational efficiencies, so you can focus more effort on your business-building initiatives.

Vestel’s Interactive IP HotelTV Solution has many features just like the Deluxe+ solution with the addition of user interactivity software. It provides three types of services:

Content Distribution
Digital TV broadcasting, Video on Demand, Music on Demand and all kinds of streaming using internet protocols.

Interactive Services
Basically, unlimited types of services could be packaged in the Digiguest software. From flight information to weather information, any RSS based information can be fed to the displays through IP.

Admin Control
Vestel’s Interactive IP HotelTV Solution brings full control over the TVs while monitoring each user interaction.



Remote Management System
Interactive IP HotelTV system provides a dynamic and essential service management tool for the hotel personnel via administration console.

Triple Tuner + IP Streaming
The system provides the opportunity to select RF tuner and/or IP streaming to watch TV channels. IP streaming is performed via DVB-to-IP Gateways which have digital and analog input interfaces. Triple RF tuner allows guests to enjoy terrestrial, cable and satellite channels.

Express check in/out – PMS Integration
The hoteliers can manage automated data exchange with PMS in order to ensure that the correct guest data is present in the Hospitality Interactive IP HotelTV System, so that the TV-set and welcome message are activated before the guest enters the room for the first time.

Content Security
All content including VOD and all types of broadcast can be encrypted by options such as Verimatrix, Windows DRM, SecureMedia.

VoD / MoD Service
While the Music on Demand service offers guests a wide range of music in rock, pop, jazz, R&D and classic genres, the Video on Demand feature enables hoteliers to offer their guests a wide selection of blockbusters and adult movies. The hotel guest experience is enhanced with easy to use features such as play, pause, forward, and rewind. Other features offered are free preview, multi-language sub-title support and parental control. Parental control can be switched on by hotel personnel or by he guest. Anonymous billing ensures maximum discretion for the guests. 



About The Hotel
Basic hotel information is displayed for guests.

Hotel Activities
You can easily inform your guests about your hotel activities with Vestel Interactive IP HotelTV Interface.

Essential Phone Numbers
Your guests can take essential phone numbers on Vestel Interactive IP HotelTV Interface. In addition, you can create a phone number list and can edit this list.

Check Bill Service
Your guests can check their bills on Vestel Interactive IP HotelTV Interface. Hereby, they can control their expenses in your hotel.

Room Service
Thanks to the room service feature, your guests can quickly and easily from your room services. They can order meals, drinks, etc...

My Messages
Any message to your guests is saved under messages.

Wake-Up Service
The alarm function allows guests to set the wake up time guests to set the wake-up time

Game Service
On Vestel Interactive IP HotelTVs, your guests can enjoy endless entertainment options. They can play games, using the user-friendly remote control. 


Online News
Your guests can check recent news from different countries thanks to Vestel Interactive IP HotelTV Interface.

Weather Forecast
Thanks to the Vestel Interactive IP HotelTV Interface, your guests can check the weather forecast for any city, including the city in which your hotel is located.

Nearby Attractions
With the HotelTV’s nearby attractions feature, you can inform your guests about the different attractions in your hotel area.

Flight Info
Thanks to the General Directorate of State Airports Authority, Republic of Turkey, you can use Vestel’s Interactive IP HotelTV to check all flight information for the city in which your hotel is located.

Current Exchange Rates
Using the current exchange rates property of Vestel’s Interactive IP HotelTV, your guests can quickly and easily check current exchange rates information which is collected from the Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey.

World Clocks
Your guests can check clocks for different countries thanks to Vestel Interactive IP HotelTV Interface.

Prayer Times
With Vestel’s Interactive IP HotelTV interface, your guests can check prayer times for your hotel’s city.