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ATC Asterisk

IP-ATC Asterisk is a digital telephony station which was created by Mark Spencer’s company Digium in 2004. The software became quite popular all over the world very quickly and even now it keeps honorable place in the rating of choice by customers. This open-source system has extended capabilities to cover a huge number of requirements for any type of objects, forming a common network both with small or even huge number of users on one platform. 

The program is easily integrated into any type of already existing structure, and equipment which is included into the process consists of IP-phones and phones with IP gateway, computer with software for calls, as well as any smartphones with the installed app.   

The scheme of ATC Asterisk integration

ATC Asterisk provides these functions for hotels

  • A Voicemail
  • Organization of conference communication 
  • The ability to form an interactive voice menu (IVR) 
  • The ability to split calls between a group of users with ACD algorithms and the organization of queuing calls
  • Integration with the PMS system
  • CDR recording
  • Unlimited number of internal lines and virtual posts, as well as external connecting lines
  • H.323, Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) and Media Gateway Control Protocol (MGCP) support
  • Work with several telecom operators (in case of ATC deploying on a server installed inside the hotel network) 

The main advantages of such system consist of

  • High efficiency of installation and service;
  • Ability to connect VoIP equipment of various manufacturers;
  • Unlimited number of channels and users;
  • The ability to use it for free.

In addition to the described functionality, the program may be easily integrated into the CRM-systems, what allows to receive the big number of calls in case of the high hotel load. Besides ATC Asterisk is capable of recording the calls and generating billing as well as creating the whole call center.