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Guests want to be connected to the local area, and they want to be connected to the place where they lay their head at night. The time of using the telephone as the only way to connect is over. Today's generation of travelers expect modern ways to communicate. They demand curated, more sophisticated, local content about the areas where they are traveling.

Digital technologies are taking over the world. Nearly every hotel guest posses a smartphone. Hospitality industries must connect with their guests in a digital way. Book a room, check in, find out hotel and local information, order room service –all of this can be done through smartphones. Monscierge’s solutions enhance the guest experience pre-stay, during stay and post-stay. The app functionality contains everything that guests will need throughout their travel experience at your hotel.

Hundreds of hotels around the world, including Holiday Inn, Travelodge and Novotel, are using Monscierge software.

The single tool to connect and communicate with guests. Guide guests through any phase of their journey via web, mobile, signage, SMS messaging and digital maps.

Moncierge Products:

  • Connect CMS
  • Connect Web
  • Connect Mobile
  • Connect Staff
  • Connect Lobby

Monscierge Value for Guest:

  • Access trusted recommendations controlled by hotel
  • Quality hotel information always available
  • Use valuable tools for navigating the hotel
  • Convenient 2 way communication with hotel
  • 22 language options
  • Ability to share content on social media
  • Requests such as check-in or room service can be made before arrival

Monscierge Value for Hotel:

  • Promote revenue-generating amenities, such as restaurant or spa
  • Increase efficiency in operations and delivery of services
  • Reduce queues in the hotel lobby
  • Give staff tools to consistently communicate with their guests in their language before, during and after their stay
  • Receive, manage and respond to guest requests
  • Increase guest satisfaction and increase customer loyalty

Monscierge Value for Brand:

  • A scalable enterprise-level solution with the best speed-to-market in the industry
  • Simultaneous corporate and property level control of content
  • Safer and more cost effective than in-house development and support
  • Insight into guest behavior
  • Capable of being integrated with existing PMS, POS and EMS systems.
  • Reduce guest dependency on 3rdparty sites or apps.



Connect CMS allows your hotel to very easily and rapidly curate great local content and connect this information to your guests. This same tool allows you to connect and communicate with your guests in their preferred manner. It powers the platforms guests expect - iOS and Android apps, SMS, e-mail and responsive web platforms.

Owners can control all of their brands from one point, properties can add local flair and communicate directly with guests. We've put control in the hands of hotels and brands to provide the highest quality content, to connect to guests and increase on-site revenue.

Monscierge Connect CMS Features:

  • Analytics. Collect measure and analyze how guests are using Connect, what they're looking at and trends in content.
  • Branding. Make it your own. Set custom backgrounds and appearance with your content on all of our supported platforms.
  • Calendar and Events. Create and display guest-facing events for all devices from your events calendar in our web-based CMS.
  • Guest Profiles. Personalize your recommendations and allow guests to personalize their experience.
  • Hotel Info. Highlight unique features and easily promote property and brand initiatives.
  • Hotel Setup. Setup your hotel as it will appear in all of our supported platforms. Property name, location, phone numbers and more, all to be displayed conveniently for current and future guests.
  • Maps. Keep your guests headed in the right direction by uploading maps for your hotel or resort and the surrounding area.
  • Menus. Digitally update menus within minutes by changing up specials or limited time offers. Boost F&B sales by making your digital menu accessible for in-room dining - or anywhere on the property.
  • Messaging. Broadcast a message out to all of your guests, when and where it’s most effective. Welcome arriving guests, communicate a change in service offerings, or send offers for limited-time specials from your spa or F&B, to boost department traffic.
  • Multilingual. Offer information to your guests in their native language.
  • Property Network. Whether you’re a single property resort or a large group with thousands of properties across multiple brands, you can access and control your content across your network with our CMS. Get flexible and direct control at every level.
  • Recommendations. Give your guests the best your city has to offer - provide them with detailed local recommendations, direct from you.
  • Requests. Guests communicate without tying up the front desk or the kitchen on the phone. Requests for any item or service that your property provides can be set up from our CMS to be displayed in our mobile app.
  • Request Management. Boost efficiency by connecting guest requests with the staff that can fulfill them.
  • Social Postcards. Let guests share their experience at your hotel or resort with their friends and family, while promoting your brand and property at the same time.
  • Sponsorship. Offer sponsorships from your hotel or your local partners to catch the attention of guests and increase awareness for on-site amenities or local merchants.
  • User Management. Keep track of your staff across all properties and their roles within the Monscierge network. Assign staff to specific roles to manage specific content and set their permission as a Connect Staff user.
  • Valet. Offer your guests the ease of requesting their vehicle digitally and notifying your valet staff directly. 



Extend your brand with Connect Web. The responsive web tools we provide allow you to extend your brand and communicate with guests - not just through mobile web apps, but across other channels that guests expect. Connect Web brings a modern edge to the guest experience by showcasing your property and features directly from a browser. Built to be responsive for desktop or mobile devices, Connect Web allows full interaction with your property, including the ability to view recommendations, events, create requests or even order room service.

  • Available in every browser.
  • Built to be accessible from any modern desktop or mobile device.
  • Automatically updated and managed with Connect CMS.
  • Integrate with your own site or host from your own domain.



A mobile app that helps you to connect with your guests before, during and after their stay. Guests can order room service, make special requests to different departments, access your local recommendations and manage their reservations or book their next trip - all from any location. Aside from being available for guests' personal devices, consider placing Connect Mobile in rooms, handing out at check-in, or providing to concierge and other staff to connect directly with guests. With all the features of our mobile solution, Monscierge opens up new possibilities for guest services.

Check in and digital room keys from your mobile device

Use your mobile phone as the room key. Bypass the front desk and go directly to your room through easy digital check in. Use integrated wayfinding to navigate to your room then open the door with a touch from within the Connect Mobile app.

Integrations and payment

Built with integration in mind - Connect Mobile integrates with nearly any PMS, POS, billing, booking or other third party system.


Provide your guests with easy-access directions to your property from wherever they are. Plus add additional maps to guide guests white on-site or around town.

Property Information

Showcase amenities, services and location information to increase guest awareness, whether they’re on-site or planning their next visit.


Connect and communicate with guests worldwide in their native language. We maintain 20+ languages, so that you don't have to.

Create a better guest experience

Your property is more than a list. It’s a dynamic mix of people, services and experiences. Connect Mobile provides the platform for guests to learn about and interact with your business.

  • Showcase property amenities, events, menus, transportation and booking details
  • Highlight local area recommendations
  • Multiple languages for your guests
  • Available for iOS and Android

Make it your own

Connect Mobile is available for iOS and Android mobile devices. It's your complete guest journey solution, with customizable feature options and full branding options. Manage settings and branding options from Connect CMS.


Create a seamless guest experience with integration of your existing PMS, POS or any other system into Connect Mobile.

Easy Access

Multiple platforms and low barrier to entry allows easy access for your guests and even easier access for their interaction.



From the front desk manager to the laundry crew, we observed hotel staff processes to determine if technology could improve their connection to each other and to guests. Our Connect Staff tool is designed to make your employee's job easier, resulting in both happy staff and satisfied guests. Built for iOS and Android on mobile, tablet and the web.

Real-time guest and staff communication

Give hotel staff the ability to improve guest satisfaction by managing and responding to requests in real-time. Staff can engage guests and other members of staff to improve fulfillment and build customer loyalty. Managerial staff can monitor communication from the top down to ensure the highest standard of service is provided.

Smarter assignments

Request assignments are set up within Connect CMS and can be segmented to match your staff. Tasks can be assigned or automatically re-assigned based on staff availability, time-of-day, request type or even by fulfillment ETA.

Increase staff efficiency

Staff can manage tasks and respond directly to guest requests. Management monitors response times and streamlines team assignments. Connect Staff helps to ensure guest satisfaction and an efficient workflow.



Connect Lobby is our all-in-one, touch-interactive platform built for performance and the highest caliber user experience. Connect Lobby creates guest awareness and provides an alternative for guests without a device. Our lobby solution creates a public setting to promote hotel content.

Improved Marketing and Guest Awareness

As a centerpiece for your lobby or other high-traffic hotel areas, it has the flexibility to beautifully convey your hotel's offerings and marketing initiatives. With features like hotel info, local recommendations, flights and social postcards, Monscierge Connect Lobby will enhance your guests' experience and free up your front desk staff.

Customizable for any location

Connect Lobby is available in multiple sizes and platforms, and can be used individually or as multiple units spread throughout your property. Management and customization is a snap, and the information and visual branding added in Connect CMS is instantly available to all Connect products, including Connect Lobby.

Showcase valuable on-site information

Offer relevant on-site information to guests, such as hotel info, local recommendations, maps, & directions, flights, weather and social postcards. Properties can create their own recommendations of what to do and where to go in the local area. Recommendations are then available to guests on our lobby solution throughout the hotel as well as our mobile solution.